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(Jan Swidzinski)

Past Projects

SYNTAX ARTS SOCIETY: Selected Program Activities 1980-1999

  • Lecture and workshop with Antonio Muntadas (workshop co-sponsored by EM/Media).
  • The Children's Hour by Lillian Hellman. Directed by Stephen Shipper using amateurs from Hillhurst/Sunnyside.
  • A series of 30 half-hour radio programs for school children on musical theory, commissioned by ACCESS Radio.
  • Workshop on small press publishing with Clive Robertson and Lisa Steele.
  • Initiation and production of the VOICE, our community newspaper.
  • Organization of "The Seat of Ideas", by Robert Filliou for Off Centre Centre and the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria.
  • Organization of "The Last Oasis", Hillhurst/Sunnyside's community fair.
  • Presentation of Yolocamba Ita, Runa Simi and Quilantaro, Central American groups.
  • Co-sponsorship of lectures by Fred Landis (on South America) and Stan Persky (on Poland).
  • Design of prototype for an audio/visual teaching aid "The Artist as Model" for the Alberta Art Foundation.
  • Community billboard project related to rapid transit routing.
  • Sponsorship, production and documentation of "The Contest Show", live theatre and videotape.
  • Two performances by Clive Robertson.
  • Lecture by Carl Loefler on computerized video.
  • Co-sponsorship of presentations by Headlines Theatre (Vancouver) and Great Canadian Theatre Company (Ottawa).
  • Co-sponsored Hillhurst/Sunnyside disarmament plebiscite.
  • Organization of poster workshop on Health and Welfare issues with Peter Dunn and Loraine Leeson of London, UK.
  • Working visit from Jan Swidzinski to discuss editing and publication of his book Freedom and Limitation.
  • Presentation of slide lecture by Montreal artist Freda Guttman.
  • Presentation of video tapes by cultural workers in Central America.
  • A workshop on Media, Sexual Stereotyping and Choice by Marusia Bociurkiw of Emma productions, Toronto.
  • A workshop and presentation of tapes (with EM/Media) by Antonio Muntadas. Funded by Canada Council.
  • Presentation of video tapes by Garry Kibbins.
  • Co-sponsorship (with Committee for Missing Persons of the Americas) of concerts by Latin American musical groups.
  • Sponsorship and organization of a major musical benefit for Youth Action for Peace.
  • Co-sponsorship (with the Committee Against Racism) of "Media Stereotyping, the Case of the Middle East".
  • Presentation of a slide lecture by Jay Singer on the rehabilitation of windmills in Nicaragua.
  • Presentation of the taped performance "The Ganser Syndrome" by Clive Robertson (with EM/Media.)
  • Presentation of Cuban poet Pablo Arnando, (with the Canadian-Cuban Friendship Association.)
  • Co-sponsorship of our community volunteer recognition night with five other local agencies.
  • Presentation of a poster workshop for Youth Action for Peace.
  • Presentation of a Peace Art Exhibition for Youth Action for Peace.
  • Sponsorship of Sisters of Sistren, a theatre collective which developed from a workshop given by Jamaican group Sistren.
  • Co-sponsorship of a Local Exchange Trading System (LETS), developing infrastructure and promotional materials.
  • Co-sponsorship of Community Alternatives Project, a community development corporation.
  • Publication of a text by Jan Swidzinski, Freedom and Limitation - Anatomy of Post-Modernism.
  • Production of audio tapes by local performer/poet Kirk Miles and Chilean singer-in-exile Jorge Mansilla.
  • Hillhurst/Sunnyside Community Garden Project: We initiated and implemented a community garden for our community.
  • Spanish, French and Russian language classes at beginner and intermediate levels.
  • Production of "Under A Cloud", an original children's pantomime. The pantomime deals with environmental issues.
  • Fireworks. "Bridge of Fire" by French artist Pierre-Alain Hubert. Calgary Winter Olympic Games. Funded in part by CRAF.
  • Hanna Chusid. Storytelling techniques to develop a sense of community in local schools. Funded by Alberta Culture.
  • Presentation of a tape showing by Nancy Nichol on the History of Feminism in Canada.
  • A presentation by local journalist/photographer Anne Georg on women's groups in Nicaragua.
  • A 4-day intensive video workshop conducted by Norman Cohen.
  • Calgary/Cuba Exchange. In 1989 the Cuban Ministry of Culture sent a historical survey of Cuban poster art to Calgary.
    The following year, Syntax sent two representatives to Cuba with an exhibition of our poster work.
  • Norman Cohn. Video Workshop, Time Travel and the Humane, Part II.
  • John McCubbin, Men To Men: A Discussion of Men's Roles in Society. 3/4" Video production.
  • ArtScape/CityCore; The artist in the inner city. 2-day conference with proceedings.
  • Paul Woodrow, Mireille Perron. "Is The Fear of Poverty a Form of Political Control?" Transportation billboard project.
  • Advocacy Poster Workshop
  • Art is a Fact. Poster. Collaboration with Jan Swidzinski to mark the 20th anniversary of Contextual Art in 1997
  • Urban Mythologies. A series of "trading cards" by local artists about the Calgary Stampede and the cowboy myth.