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Yolocamba Ita

Sarah Murphy Trans.
Murdoch Burnett Ed.
8 pages
5.5 ins. x 8.5 ins.
Saddle stitched

This document, Edited by Murdoch Burnett, is a transcript of a taped discussion between the group of El Salvadorean folk musicians known as Yolocamba Ita and members of SYNTAX. The conversation was translated by Sarah Murphy with assistance from Richmond Godfrey. It should be made clear that this is not a literal transcript of the tape. The material was edited in such a way as to express the intent of what was said rather than to record each word as it was spoken. Spoken language, especially after translation, is sometimes awkward and unclear, therefore the format was changed from that of conversation to a more formal group statement, again in the interests of clarity.

"Syntax published this document because we feel that it is an authentic statement of the situation in El Salvador. We are also expressing our solidarity, as cultural workers, with El Salvadorean cultural workers involved in the struggle. There has been an attempt by much of the North American press to discredit what is in effect a popular movement in El Salvador and we hope that in a small way we can counteract some of this bias." - Murdoch Burnett.

The transcript was first published in Volume 1, No. 1 of CITY LIMITS newspaper in August 1981.

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